I didn’t realize underwear endorsements could cause people anger, and yet here we are. Frigo, a Swedish company that sells underwear for up to $100 a pair (!!), is suing Derek Jeter for backing out of a deal to back something that covered his back(side). Complex has the details:

According to TMZ Sports, a Swedish company called Frigo, which sells underwear that go for up to $100 per pair, is currently suing Jeter for nearly $5 million. The company claims that, in 2011, the former Yankees shortstop agreed to become a director for the brand and to take part in promotional events in the U.S. However, they claim that they also signed 50 Cent to be a brand ambassador for them and that, at that point, Jeter attempted to distance himself from the brand because he felt the underwear line that he would be promoting would be considered too “urban.” In the lawsuit that they filed, Frigo also claims that Jeter backing out of his deal cost the company upwards of $30 million.

This is slightly confusing to me because if Jeter cost the company $30 million, why are they only allegedly suing for five? I’m no math whiz and in fact could not be dumber when it comes to that subject but that does not add up, even for me. In any case, 50 Cent was also not happy and took to Instagram to express that.

50 Cent, if I recall, is in the midst of a bankruptcy case and should probably leave Effen Vodka out of this, but I guess any excuse to plug a sponsor is a good one?

Jeter, for his part, has denied the whole thing per the below statement:

“I facilitated the introductory meeting between 50 Cent and the company,” Jeter said in the statement, “so it makes absolutely no sense that I would object to 50 Cent being a Frigo brand ambassador or think that 50 Cent is ‘too urban’ for the brand.”

The only thing more bizarre than this supposed feud is the concept of paying $100 for underwear. Is that REALLY necessary?


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