When it comes to outspoken commentators, CBS golf reporter and Golf Channel host David Feherty is in the Top 5 in all of sports.  There’s always the chance that Feherty can say anything, usually with his trademark sardonic wit, whether out on the course or in the studio.

Feherty’s wicked sense of humor has gotten him in trouble in the past, like that time he joked about Nancy Pelosi and Osama bin Laden.  And for someone that’s so honest and frank regardless of the topic, it’s not a surprise to see him come out so strongly against the idea of political correctness.  In an interview with USA Today, he had this to say (emphasis added):

FTW: Well said. It seems to me you sort of have a carte blanche, like Charles Barkley does, you’re one of the few commentators to say something that other people might not be able to get away with saying.

David Feherty: Thank you, that’s the greatest compliment I can get, being compared to Charles. He just tells the truth. He’s not worried about political correctness, which is just the cancer of all cancers in our society. He expects people to have a sense of humor and if they don’t, well then it’s their problem, not his. To be mentioned in the same sentence as Charles, I’m thrilled about that. I just do my best. I’m not trying to offend anyone, but having said that, the people I do offend are the ones I’d like to offend anyway.

“Cancer of cancers” may be a little strong, but there’s likely a bunch of people that agree with Feherty that we go too far with political correctness.

And with these comments, perhaps that makes it all the more amazing that Feherty has survived the strenuous broadcast standards of The Masters, unlike his CBS cohort Gary McCord.

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