With Steph Curry winning the NBA MVP, Darren Rovell was doing his thing on Twitter when he just so happened to offend a family member of an ESPN colleague.  I know, I’m surprised this isn’t more of a daily occurrence.

It all started when Rovell tweeted out Curry’s collegiate recruiting background and how Virginia Tech apparently took a player who only lasted one year in college over Curry.

Interesting factoid, but former NC State star Julius Hodge didn’t appreciate Rovell basically calling out Mr. Munson for not being Steph Curry.

Rovell replied to Hodge’s tweets and seemed to take a jab at ESPN colleague Seth Greenberg, who was the coach at Virginia Tech at the time.

And that’s when Paige Greenberg, Seth’s daughter and herself a former athlete at Virginia Tech, chimed in with this tweet aimed at Rovell that was harder than any punch we saw in the entire Mayweather-Pacquiao fight:

And that drew applause from Hodge:

The conversation continued and at least Hodge and Rovell seemingly reached a detente, with Rovell clarifying that Curry was offered a four year contract if he redshirted, which is exactly what the younger Greenberg said.

With Rovell blocking Richard Deitsch on Twitter and no more Rovellian Twitter Wars to speak of, it’s good to see someone step in and fill the void, at least for a brief moment.

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