Last week, Darren Rovell wrote an article on about the crowd at the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. In the article, Rovell described a man named Bobby Freedman as a loan shark.

I couldn’t find a cached version of the article, but I *did* manage to a syndicated version of the article with the “loan shark” description intact.


Well, that didn’t sit well with someone. has edited the article to remove Rovell’s description of Freedman, and Rovell went on SportsCenter on Saturday morning to apologize for his comment.

Not great, Bob!

The most absurd development regarding Rovell’s description? The article went live five days ago and was originally edited to remove the reference *at least* three days ago (judging by this cached version on May 20th, which was already edited)…but the apology didn’t come until early on a Saturday morning.


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