On Monday, Colin Cowherd took some shots at Dan Patrick, saying Patrick didn’t work as hard as Jim Rome and that Patrick has numerous producers that do all of his work for him.

On Tuesday, Patrick fired back at Cowherd, and didn’t hold back.

Now that is a takedown. Some of the key lines…

-“I do have two producers here that did work on Colin’s show, and the one thing that I do is give credit to my producers on the air. It’s not a one-man show. All the people behind the scenes who help Colin do his show, they don’t get any recognition. I choose to recognize the people who work on this show”

-“Some of the people that worked with me on SportsCenter that are in management at ESPN actually emailed yesterday to apologize, saying they were embarrassed that he would bring up something like that”

-“A couple of years ago, I wasn’t on his radar. Now I’m on his show – I must be doing something right”

-“We all have ESPN muscles. I had ’em for 18 years. Leave ESPN. Get out and do what I did. Try it. Try a radio network, try a simulcast. Maybe a column for Sports Illustrated. Oh that’s right, host the Olympics and Football Night in America, and do Sports Jeopardy as well, Colin. Try that, and then we can discuss work ethic. Until then, enjoy your show. Enjoy your life. Because in one day, it’ll be over and no one will care”

-“And Colin, you are the guy who told me in Dallas at the Super Bowl that you were getting rid of your fourth hour because you’re, in your own words, ‘working too hard'”

Video via Cork Gaines

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