The fire that is the feud between Mike Francesa and CBS Sports Radio just won’t go out. Oxygen continues being fed to the burning embers, keeping things red-hot.

In case you haven’t been keeping track, here’s a recap: Late last week, Francesa dissed the “CBS Sports Minute” commentaries, singling out one in particular by Damon Amendolara. Amendolara responded on Twitter, but CBS Sports Radio host John Kincaid hit back hard, taking issue with Francesa criticizing the use of initials at the end of those commentaries and telling him to “lighten up.”

This was brought to Francesa’s attention by a caller into his show, to which he challenged any CBS Sports Radio hosts rallying support behind Amendolara by signing off their Sports Minutes with their initials to “bring it on.”

Well, a couple of CBS Sports Radio hosts, John Feinstein and Doug Gottlieb, did just that. (Gottlieb also referred to Francesa as “the bully next door” during his show.)

But Amendolara stuck up for himself on his show Monday, pointing out that everyone calls him “D.A.,” which is why he signs off his commentaries with those initials and that Francesa knows who he is (after saying he wouldn’t know “D.A.” if he walked in the studio) because they see each other in the offices and exchange pleasantries every day.

Oh, and maybe someone taking time on his show to rave about the bread used for Shake Shack hamburgers isn’t in the best position to criticize the content of the CBS Sports Minutes.

Here is the segment during which Amendolara addresses the Francesa feud:

Additionally, Boomer Esiason lined up with his colleagues, signing off a CBS Sports Minute with “B.E.” This is pretty fun now, right?

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