Polarizing MLB analyst Curt Schilling was suspended for the rest of the season by ESPN at the beginning of the month.  And while most of us may have assumed that meant he wouldn’t be seen on ESPN airwaves for a good long while, Schilling told USA Today over the weekend at a NASCAR race that he’d be coming back to the studio for ESPN’s playoff telecast:

“I think we join the team after the regular season ends and do the postseason and the World Series,” he said. “Then I have one year left at ESPN on my contract, so I would assume as of right now, yeah, I’d be back. If not, I’ll figure something out.”

ESPN confirmed Schilling’s statement so we’ll be seeing him back on television very soon.  We’re also Schilling back on social media.  And if you thought there’d be any change in Schilling’s Facebook usage after his ESPN suspension for tweeting highly controversial Muslim-Nazi memes, think again.

Schilling posted this image on his Facebook page on September 24th, but deleted it some time yesterday when it started to gain widespread attention:

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 10.38.58 AM

Schilling also deleted this from his timeline, an image shared from Joe the Plumber. (Remember him?)

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 10.39.06 AM

So after all of this… it looks like we’re back to square one here, aren’t we?

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