One description bloggers and new mediaites don’t like is that we write or edit our sites from our mom’s basement. Often it’s wrong and it’s a way for the mainstream media to make them feel good about themselves. But for a Nashville-based podcast that talks college football, mom’s or the parents’ basement is exactly where it originates.

The College Football Kickoff Show is hosted by two teenagers, Billy Derrick, 15 and Charlie Sheridan, 14. And the kicker is they get some very good mainstream guests who up until now had no idea that Derrick and Sheridan are students at a Catholic high school in Nashville. In addition, they have a sponsor!

Those who regularly podcast have broadcast quality equipment to record their interviews, but not Derrick and Sheridan. They webcast live through their iPad on Saturday mornings before the college football games and then send out download links to subscribers once the show is recorded.

Having listened to one segment, Derrick and Sheridan conduct themselves very professionally and if you didn’t know they were in high school, they could pass for any regular podcast.

Derrick usually e-mails media members who cover the SEC and never mentions his age. There’s a professional logo on the e-mail with a call-in number and a topic for the guest segment.

Billy says the most important thing to him is conduct the show in a professional manner and his guests with respect.

“I chose to do it that way because I want to treat it like I’m a professional, not just a kid,” said Billy, who also plays for the Father Ryan basketball and baseball teams. “I’m starting to think now that maybe I should tell them I’m 15, and I’m fine doing that. But I just want to do a professional show with good guests and good preparation.”

Billy’s mother realized his podcast was getting big when she saw that a local sports talk show host’s number on his cell phone.

This isn’t just a hobby for Derrick as he regularly listens to sports talk radio and even does some public address announcing for his school.

In this world of podcasting, more power to Billy and Charlie and here’s hoping they expand it beyond just e-mailing it to subscribers. For more information on their podcast, head to their Twitter account, @CFKickoffShow.

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