The Summer of Herd continues. Rogue Ales & Spirits out of Newport, Oregon, has announced a partnership with former ESPN talking head turned Fox Sports 1 leading man Colin Cowherd to cook up some Herd-based brew called “Blunt ‘N Bitter.”

Per Maury Brown at Forbes, the new brew will debut on August 28th during Cowherd’s appearance on the Isaac and Big Suke radio show on ESPN 1080 The Fan, Cowherd’s old station before moving to Bristol a decade or so ago.

“Portland has given me so much opportunity through the years, I’m thrilled to debut this product that I love in a city that I love,” said Cowherd.

“All of us here at Rogue are thrilled to be working with a fellow Rogue and Revolutionary in Colin Cowherd. We both come from small coastal towns in the Pacific Northwest and, most importantly, share a kindred spirit as we both continue to Dare, Risk, and Dream and fight the status quo,” said Rogue President Brett Joyce.

Via Forbes
Via Forbes

If the beer itself doesn’t make you sick, that quote from Rogue’s president just might. Talk about hammering home a narrative, sheesh.

In all seriousness, the beer is probably delicious, despite Joyce’s unpalatable claims about Cowherd and, by proxy, the affiliation to his brand.

As for the taste of the brew, I imagine a light touch of sourness to go with the aforementioned bitter notes. It’s safe to assume a good amount of straw in the mix, too, and perhaps a slight dash of persimmon to give a sweet note that can come off as “astringent” if not properly cultivated.

Certainly any beer named after Cowherd is going to be a pale ale, yes?

If that makes you uncomfortable, know that I’m not being a moralist when it comes to the beer’s color here. I’m just being a realist. If Cowherd wants his type of crowd to like this beer, the paler it is the better.

Regardless of the flavor, the partnership is a brilliant move for Cowherd as he takes his burgeoning media empire to Fox.

Now, if comments about fatherless black basketball players, uneducated Dominican baseball players, or the next angle “that makes people uncomfortable” he runs with at Fox makes listeners want to drink, boy does he have a product for you.

It’s going to fly off the shelves.

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