Colin Cowherd says he’s “not a vendetta guy or a grudge guy” (John Wall might disagree), but he came off looking like a “call out other sports personalities for attention guy” on Monday’s edition of The Herd.

The segment started out innocently enough. Cowherd tweaked former his former SportsNation co-host Michelle Beadle for not inviting him to her recent birthday party.

“Let’s not lie about this,” Cowherd said. “Michelle Beadle was working in Sheboygan, and I hired Michelle and elevated her into America’s princess.”

That might be news to Jamie Horowitz, Kevin Wildes and Dave Jacoby, who developed SportsNation before building the show around Cowherd. But that’s probably splitting hairs. And besides, Cowherd has the microphone to tell his story, while the other three don’t. (OK, Jacoby has his ESPN Radio show with Jalen Rose, but is this worth revisiting for him?)

After calling out Beadle, Cowherd may have thought he’d only have to contend with sidekick Kristine Leahy, who pointed out that he was a no-show at her birthday party. But either one of The Herd‘s producers called up Beadle or she heard what Cowherd was saying and decided to defend herself on the air. Here’s the segment:

Cowherd and Beadle reuniting on the air and reprising some of that SportsNation chemistry would have been fun enough, especially after Leahy teamed up with Beadle to gang up on their colleague. And hey, we’ve all been in that place where it’s the principle of being invited, not whether we intend on showing up or not, right? (No? It’s just us with inflated egos and insecurity issues?) Maybe the guy was legitimately hurt over this slight.

But did Cowherd have to then turn needy by using Beadle’s birthday party as an opening to reference Bill Simmons, who got a golden ticket to Beadle’s birthday bash? Cowherd calls Simmons out for appearing on local radio shows, rather than his national outlet. But do we have a little bit of theater going on, considering that Simmons said that he planned to have Cowherd on his podcast soon? Or is this kind of a standoff? Hey, you come on my radio show first. No, you appear on my podcast first. Gentlemen, gentlemen.

At this point, it’d be kind of funny if Simmons invited Leahy on his podcast first, wouldn’t it?

So when does Beadle get reprimanded by ESPN for appearing on a competitor’s radio show? Can we expect news on that by the end of the week?

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