It’s always fun to watch the creation of a player’s nickname in real time, and it’s even more fun when that nickname comes from a closed captioning error. When Sacramento Kings’ guard Nik Stauskas hit a three-pointer Tuesdaay night against the 76ers, closed captioning transformed the play-by-play man’s call of “Stauskas hitting the three” into “Sauce Castillo hit the three.” That fantastic nickname was noted by many NBA fans and writers, including Andrew Unterberger, but it really took off Wednesday when Stauskas hit all five of his first-half shots against Phoenix, causing Kings’ fans to go nuts about “Sauce Castillo.” Some even created amazing graphics:

Stauskas found out about it afterwards, with humorous results:

And the Kings’ official account, as well as some of his teammates, also got in on the fun:

It’s even been used by sportscasters and added to his Basketball Reference page:

“Sauce Castillo” is quite possibly the funniest name possible for a Canadian from Mississauga, and it never would have come about if not for the magic of closed captioning. Well done by Sacramento fans and media to take this and run with it, and full credit to Stauskas, his teammates and the Kings’ organization for being good sports. The world needs more crazy closed-captioning inspired nicknames.

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