Former New England Patriots TE Christian Fauria is now a radio host at Boston sports station WEEI.  Apparently he has a schtick where he calls in to local radio stations posing as “Christian from Foxboro” as a prank calling Patriots fan to trash talk the opposition.  He’s done it for the Detroit game.  He did it last week for the Baltimore game.  This week, he did it for the AFC Championship Game against Indianapolis.

That meant a call into the show hosted by ESPN college basketball analyst Dan Dakich.  While Dakich is mostly known as a hoops guy, he hosts a pretty successful weekday show in Indy that covers all sports where he displays even more of his trademark unfiltered opinion.  Dakich is a great basketball analyst, but he can also have a very combative, in-your-face persona, especially on social media.  He’s someone that produces strong feelings about his work, one way or another.

Instead of giving the prank caller the *Mike Francesa hand wave* and dismissing him after a few seconds, Dakich engages Fauria in a several minute conversation that might set the record for the number of times the word “ass” is said in a major market over five minutes.  Something tells me Fauria wasn’t quite ready for Dakich to come back at him with such ferocity.

It probably would have been best for Fauria if he hung up after 30 seconds because Dakich wiped the floor with him.  After Dakich blew Fauria away with an opening salvo that was like a vintage Mike Tyson first round knockout, he tried to come back by labeling Dakich a “basketball guy” and even that blew up in his face.

WEEI hasn’t exactly covered themselves in glory in the past year.  If you’ll recall, that’s the same station that came under fire for their ridiculous comments over Erin Andrews.  If they’re going to go the juvenile prank call route, at least try to make it funny and/or accomplish something.  This did neither.  This failed pretty spectacularly.

[1070 The Fan]

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