Tuesday’s Real Madrid-PSG Champions League matchup didn’t exactly light the world on fire. Madrid took a 1-0 lead in the first half that they didn’t relinquish, despite some late attempts PSG.

Anyway, Dong Lu was calling the game for China’s LeTV. The game began at 3:45 AM local time, and eventually, the early start combined with the lack of action got to Dong – he fell asleep around the 79 minute mark of the match, and could be heard snoring on air.

Poor guy. LeTV fired Dong almost immediately thereafter. We’ve seen American commentators fall asleep on air – most notably, Mike Francesa, Charles Barkley, and Mike Ditka – but they didn’t do it during a live game they were calling.

…and here’s where those who despite soccer roll out the traditional “soccer always puts me to sleep” comments.

[Metro UK]

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