If you’ve followed the coverage of the rape allegations against Chicago Blackhawks right winger Patrick Kane, you’ll know it’s been one of the stranger stories to come across the sports media landscape.

Julie DiCaro is an update anchor for 670 The Score in Chicago and has been covering the story. She’s also a former lawyer who’s been explaining the case and how each development will affect the accuser and Kane. DiCaro discussed how a rape kit which has been the focus of controversy should be handled and how it should be stored. She’s been doing it rather effectively so fans can understand.

However, Blackhawks fans who feel Kane has been wrongly accused have been taking DiCaro’s tweets too seriously and have been sending her negative tweets and in some cases threats. One threat which included specific mentions to places where she goes got so serious that she felt she should not report to work on Friday.

There is no point to making threats to someone who is reporting the story. DiCaro was not assuming guilt on Kane nor was she siding with the accuser. However, some fans who can’t see the woods through the trees decided that making threats instead of taking a beat and not tweeting. What does a tweet like this accomplish?


Social media can be positive and bring people together, but the negative side is when people tweet threats or slurs. It doesn’t bring discussions forward and reflects negatively on a fanbase which is known to be very passionate. There are times to tweet and times not to tweet. If you get angry to the point of wanting to tell someone off or making a threat, here’s something to read before you get to that point.

DiCaro is expected to be back at work on Monday and here’s hoping that people will calm down and stop threatening her.

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