The neverending, mind-numbing, one-sided battle between Charles Barkley and analytics took an odd turn on Thursday when Barkley showed just how ignorant he was about analytics and statistics in general. Check out this clip from Inside the NBA.

In summary, Barkley talks about some statistics, a Twitter user tells him those statistics are technically analytics, and what he just talked about weren’t analytics but instead stats. He then compared statistics and analytics to the terms “chef” and “cook”, claiming that the only difference between analytics and statistics is that they changed the name and can charge you more for them.

So…if instead of being called “analytics”, they were called “advanced” or “expanded” statistics, Barkley would have no issue with them? His issue isn’t with what the analytics actually tell you, but with what they’re called?

I feel exactly like Ernie Johnson did in that video. Barkley has an issue with branding rather than an issue with the data itself. My mind is blown.

Video via CJZero

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