Some surprises along the way as fourteen announcer cameos have been discarded as inferior in our bracket.  Left for your consideration are Bob Uecker as Harry Doyle in Major League pitted against Verne Lundquist in Happy Gilmore.

Uecker and Major League’s path to the championship has been smooth sailing, crushing noteworthy announcing cameos from Tin Cup, Rocky IV,  and The Longest Yard, none of which were able to gardner more than 6% of the vote.

Uncle Verne’s path to the championship has been impressive as well with a convincing win over Blue Chips and two closer but still comfortable wins over Baseketball and Naked Gun.

But only one can be crowned champion. Below the clips once again and one last time the criteria we’re looking for you to use in this huge decision.  -“The cameo that added the most added value to the movie in question. Not the best movie, or longest cameo, or your favorite announcer, but simply who added the most value to the movie in question.

We’ll keep voting open through Monday Night and thank you for your help.

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