In what is a bit of surprising news, anchor Bram Weinstein is no longer with ESPN.  Sports Illustrated reported the news on Monday that the two parties have parted ways and Weinstein worked his last day at the network last week.

Weinstein joined ESPN in 2008 after making the move to Bristol from Washington DC sports radio.  Over the past six plus years, Weinstein had served mainly as a SportsCenter anchor for ESPN and been a steady hand in the rotation for ESPN’s flagship show.  In recent times, Weinstein had formed a partnership with Sara Walsh as the weekend morning anchors of SportsCenter.  In fact, as recently as last week the pair received a publicity push from Bristol’s in-house PR operation for taking SportsCenter on the road.

It’s hard to imagine this being a budgetary move or a lack of space among ESPN’s on-air talent, what with the network employing seemingly hundreds of studio analysts.  It’s a curious move from ESPN as Weinstein was a very dependable, likable personality and had grown into a solid role at the network.  It remains to be seen as to whether or not Weinstein will move to a national competitor (Fox Sports 1 could always use more anchor talent) or perhaps if he’ll pursue another endeavor.

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