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Target recently launched its Local Pride collection in its stores and included among the Todd Snyder-designed t-shirts available…a Boston-themed “Green Monstah” shirt.

There’s just one problem, however, the design is virtually identical to a “Green Monstah” shirt Sully’s Brand has been selling since 2008, when they trademarked the phrase.

Curious about how similar the two styles are? Check it out for yourself.

(image courtesy of Sully’s Brand)

Crazy, right?  But it isn’t Target blatantly ripping off their product that has the Boston-based retailers upset, it’s this…the shirts aren’t even made in BeanTown.

“Our hope is that if a multinational corporation like Target (is) going to promote a local initiative, that it be truly local,” Sully’s Brand founder and owner Chris Wrenn said. “They basically hired a New York City designer to deliver T-shirts that look very similar to the ones that we have been making for 16 years, and we are actually local.”

How upset is Sully’s Brand? They took out a full page in the Boston Herald to express their disgust.

“Outsourcing Boston Pride to NYC? The home of the Yankees? The Evil Empire?!” the open letter to Target begins. “Say it ain’t so, Target. Say it ain’t so.”

So what does Sully’s Brand want…will they be taking Target to court? Nope. Too costly. According to Wrenn…they just want to be the guys to provide the big box store their shirts in the future.

“We don’t have a lot of the resources that a larger brand does but we could accommodate them if they decide to sell our shirts,” Wrenn added. “If not, I’m hoping that there are a number of other retail outlets in the area that are going to be finding out about us for the first time.”

Your move, Target.

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