ESPN has announced that they are replacing the Toronto Raptors – Charlotte Hornets game on Wednesday, April 8th with the Boston Celtics – Detroit Pistons matchup occurring on the same night.

What makes this change so significant? This game will mark the first time a Celtics game has been featured on national television this season.

While everyone has bemoaned the Knicks and Lakers being on national television so much in spite of their horrible records, it’s a surprise that a team with as much history and popularity as the Celtics would be banished from national airwaves during struggles of their own. The Celtics were on NBA TV earlier this year, but their game on April 8th against Detroit is the first true “national” game of the year.

The Celtics are currently battling for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference and ESPN believes more viewers will want to see the Celtics in an important game against the Pistons than a game with the Raptors and Hornets in which both teams know their playoff destiny.

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