TNT’s Charles Barkley is a lightning rod. He’ll say what’s on his mind and will rarely back down. And when he doles out criticism, we usually don’t hear anything from the other side, but in this case we have.

We’ve already chronicled how Sir Charles got angry at the idea of the Sacramento Kings counseling with center DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins before signing new coach George Karl. If you don’t remember, check out the video below complete with Barkley cursing.

When asked about Barkley’s comments, Cousins responded saying Barkley doesn’t understand the big picture:

“A lot of people don’t really know the real story about it,” he said. “I never really had anything to do with it in the first place.”

Cousins then fired back by saying that he doesn’t respect his fellow Alabamian:

“It ain’t personal. I mean, I don’t really respect the guy, but at the same time, I don’t really care what he thinks either.

“I don’t respect him and I don’t care what he thinks.”

And asked whether Barkley is a basketball authority because of his position on TV, Boogie went one step further:

“I wouldn’t necessarily say he’s anybody of an authority,” Cousins said. “I would just say he is very comfortable on the television.”

Ouch. You get the feeling that TNT will ask Barkley to respond, but then again, Charles may not care to say anything. We’ll see.


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