In one of the great American diplomatic moments since, well, maybe ever, ESPN sent our greatest natural resource to China to call a college basketball game – Bill Walton.  You really haven’t lived until you’ve seen Bill Walton touring China in a Pac 12 “Conference of Champions” tie-dye t-shirt.

When it comes to official business, Walton was there to call a game between Washington and Texas.  But in reality, Walton was there to extol the virtues of our friends to the far east.  Throughout the entire game, Walton pretty much eschewed actually analyzing the action between the Huskies and the Longhorns and instead dropped various facts and figures about Chinese history and talked about the experience of being in China.

It started from nearly the opening tip with this diplomatic call to all Americans:

It continued with Bill’s World Trivia Facts:

Chinese architecture and a lesson about evil spirits…

And as a bonus, economics!

Just in case you thought it was all Chinese history and culture, Bill was thoughtful enough to drop this basketball-related moment of zen.

Traveling to China would be a once in a lifetime experience for a lot of us, and as we found out last night, so is living vicariously through Bill Walton.

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