Perhaps the biggest shock of Colin Cowherd’s nascent tenure at Fox Sports is that he somehow hasn’t found a way to continue his bizarre agenda against Washington Wizards PG John Wall.  Granted, it’s the NBA offseason… but still… given Cowherd’s near single-minded focus in defending his controversially charged criticism of Wall, it blows my mind he hasn’t found a way to work it in somewhere yet.  Surely it’s John Wall’s fault that RGII is no longer the starting quarterback for the Redskins and Matt Williams got fired, right?

Well, Cowherd has spent more of his time railing against ESPN as has fellow colleague Bill Simmons.  But if Simmons’ comments on a recent podcast are any indication, it looks like that critical eye may turn more introspective.

Simmons and Friend of Simmons Joe House discussed Cowherd’s Wall comments on a recent podcast and Simmons revealed that he plans on having Cowherd on his podcast to talk about it.  Via the DC Sports Bog:

“I like Cowherd,” Simmons said. “I think he did a good job for ESPN. I think it’s really hard to do radio three hours a day. I like him personally. I get, you know, some of what he does is schtick. You’re not gonna bat a thousand. Not everyone’s gonna agree with every opinion you made. The biggest mistake he’s made, other than what he said about Dominican Republic players this summer, which wasn’t great … was not just what he said about John Wall a couple times, but not retracting it.”

“All of [Cowherd’s] assignations, his problems with Wall at the outset and what he was describing, it emanated from this thing where Wall was doing the Dougie early on. Not a good look, but all of the criticisms that Colin then put on him were classic racial coding kind of stuff,” House said. “It was loathsome, and he doubled down on it.”

“I have good conversations with him. I think his heart’s in the right place,” he said. “I really wish he would kind of get off that corner. I don’t think it’s good for him and I just think he’s wrong.”

Simmons added that he and Cowherd plan to do a podcast together in the “next couple of weeks,” during which he promised to bring Wall up. Stay tuned.

A Simmons-Cowherd podcast would probably set record downloads in Bristol, Connecticut.  What’s really kind of intriguing here is that ESPN never really censured Cowherd over the Wall nonsense even though, as Simmons intimates, it was right up there with his wildly offensive comments on Dominicans that got him kicked out the door.

Cowherd has never stood down from the remarks, so it’ll be interesting to see if his public reprimand at the end of his ESPN career will help to change his mind or whether he’ll still remain stubborn in thinking John Wall’s Dougie was the single worst thing a human being has ever done.

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