The Big Ten Network decided to have some fun with the league’s coaches this year, featuring all of them in humorous 15-second ads, exclusively revealed by SB Nation:

“The coaches, all day, they’re basically talking about Xs and Os,” Michael Peeples, director of creative services and marketing at the Big Ten Network, said.”So we really wanted to have some fun with them this year.”

“Everyone sees these coaches in like one very specific light, so all of the spots, part of their charm is you would never expect these coaches to be doing these things,” Josh Combs, Creative Director at creative agency Fallon (and director of the videos), said.

Have a look at all the ads below:

Ohio State and Urban Meyer are the clear winners here, as he doesn’t have to say a word while polishing his Championship trophy. There is unfortunately a clear loser, Illinois, which is not even included in the play list because the school fired its coach right before the start of the season. It is nice to see the coaches in a new light and with a sense of humor. Now we’ll see if Jim Harbaugh and his khakis will live up to the hype.

[SB Nation]

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