Perhaps the most ridiculous part about the Super Bowl each year is the “exotic” prop bets that Las Vegas casinos roll out for the game. This year is obviously no exception to the rule, and some of the props this year will require paying attention to some small details from NBC’s broadcast.

For instance, in case you like counting words, how about either of these two props from the Sportsbook Review?

How many times will the announcers mention any form of the word deflate between the singing of the national anthem and end of the game?
0 +1500
1 +1000
2 +400
3 +250
4 or more -150

How many times will the announcers use the word “greatest”?
0 +120
1 -130
2 +250
3 +350
4 or more +600

In case you’re inclined to focus on Al Michaels’ wardrobe, you can bet on the color of his tie.

What predominant color necktie will Al Michaels wear?
Red -120
Blue +110
Yellow +150
Gray +250
Green +450
Other +130

What if you want to actually pay attention to the halftime show? There are props for Katy Perry’s performance as well.

What hair color will Katy Perry have to open her first song?
Brunette/Black -200
Purple/ Blue +250
Red +450
Blonde +700

Which song will Katy Perry begin her set?
I Kissed a Girl -120
Roar +200
California Gurls +300
Dark Horse +500
Firework +800
None of these +150

Will Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz kiss on the lips?
No – 500
Yes +350

Finally, there are a couple of bets that could be influenced by a rogue cameraman.

Will Tom Brady be caught swearing on camera?
No -800
Yes +600

Will Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick be caught smiling on camera during the game?
No -400
Yes +275

Will the camera catch Tom Brady and Bill Belichick hugging after the game?
No – 700
Yes +500

There are also an endless amount of prop bets related to the game itself, but let’s be honest – betting on the ridiculous things that can happen around the game is a lot more fun.

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