Two days after a video of them went viral, members of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority at Arizona State University are using the ensuing media storm to raise awareness for domestic abuse.

By now everyone (literally everyone) has seen the video of some of the members at a Diamondbacks game taking selfies and getting made fun of by the announcing team of Bob Brenly and Steve Berthiaume. It has caused a veritable shit storm of controversy (over SELFIES? REALLY?) but these ladies have turned it into something positive. According to SB Nation, the team and Fox Sports offered members of the sorority tickets, but they opted out.

Here’s what the Arizona State Alpha Chi Omega sorority posted on their Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 2.07.02 PM

It speaks volumes of the members of this chapter to react in that way. They are taking all of the attention focused on them, which they did not ask for, and moving it towards things that actually matter (taking selfies at a baseball game is not one of those things). Supporting victims of domestic violence is incredibly important and October is actually Domestic Violence Awareness month. Maybe we can take this as an example about how there are more important things than constantly re-fighting different sides of the culture war over trivial matters. We can probably all take a lesson from Alpha Chi Omega in how they’ve handled this.

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