With Fox Sports 1 nearing its two year anniversary next week, one of its charter members will not be there for the festivities.  Former US Open tennis champion Andy Roddick has left Fox Sports.

Roddick tweeted a fan inquiring about a podcast that his time at Fox had come to an end.

Roddick later commented that it was time to move on:

And indeed that is the case.  AA reached out to Fox Sports and received the following statement from Michael Hughes, Executive Producer of FOX Sports Live.

“Andy was a key figure in helping us launch FOX Sports Live. We appreciate all of his contributions and wish him and his whole family our very best wishes.”

Roddick was one of the feature personalities in the launch of Fox Sports Live and dabbled in some other presentations at the network.  He was one of the faces of FS1 when it launched in 2013 as the network attempted a Best Damn Sports Show Period type all-sports panel.  The panel wasn’t well received by viewers or critics and FS1 shifted towards a more traditional talent setup where expert analysts would focus on their respective sports.  Roddick’s role at Fox Sports 1 was thus reduced and now he’s moved on.

Roddick’s role at the start of his broadcasting tenure may not have been the best fit, but he’s a likable guy who still has quite a bit of potential as an on-air talent.  It’ll be interesting to see what’s next for the tennis champ.

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