Our latest podcast features a man who has kept us pretty busy in the new year – ESPN college basketball analyst Dan Dakich. His outspoken analysis and straight-shooting style has led to dustups with everyone from Boston radio hosts to Big Ten coaches to midwestern mayors. In addition to his work at ESPN, Dan hosts a weekday radio show in Indianapolis where he talks about sports and society. In this podcast we talk with Dan about a wide-ranging number of topics that include…

– HIs relationship with college basketball fans, especially on Twitter.
– How he uses Twitter and how he deals with criticism.
– His advocacy against chewing tobacco and how comfortable he is talking about societal issues on his radio show.
– Battling depression while head coach at Bowling Green, how he’s been committed to having fun as a broadcaster, and why he’d never go back to coaching.
– The stress that coaches are under daily and how Urban Meyer taking a year off from coaching may have helped him most.
– Why his mission in a game broadcast is to provide teaching tools for other coaches.
– His “Danny Awards” and some of his favorite broadcasters to work with and around sports.
– Whether or not fans can tell if an analyst is interested in getting back into coaching
– The state of Big Ten hoops this season: why Michigan State and Ohio State will be dangerous in March.
– Why Dan thinks it’s 100% that Kentucky runs the table and what similarities they share with the 1976 Indiana team.
– How to improve the attractiveness of college basketball.

All that and so much more on this week’s AA Podcast.

For more from Dan, follow him on Twitter @dandakich.

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