You may have noticed things look a little different around these parts.  Thanks to the fine folks at Bloguin, Awful Announcing has a new design that should help both the aesthetics and functionality of the website.  There’s going to be plenty of new features with our new platform that you’ll see and discover over the next few days and weeks that will improve the reader experience.  I ask for your patience with this as moving a massive website to a completely new platform will have some kinks along the way.

Immediately, you probably noticed one big change.  Our Mount Rushmore has gone the way of Tim McCarver and retired… at least until it resurfaces on a Fox Sports regional network.  The Mount Rushmore concept has been run so far into the ground in the sports world over the last month that we no longer felt comfortable prominently displaying it on our website.  To combine two overused idioms, Mount Rushmore jumped the shark.  Thanks, LeBron James.

Of course there is a real reason why you no longer see Mount Rushmore and why we have a fancy new slogan as well.  Since 2011, my goal with Awful Announcing as an editor of this site was to expand one of the pillars of the sports blogosphere to new horizons.  Brian Powell’s original version of Awful Announcing was one of the first sports blogs to matter and before I was a writer, AA 1.0 was one of my favorite websites to visit as a reader.  Since moving to Bloguin, AA 2.0 has looked to build upon that and not just “put announcers on notice” but cover the entire industry in an insightful, fair, and hopefully sometimes humorous way.  Whether this be through analysis, news, podcasts, social media, or any other medium, our goal is to provide the best coverage of the sports media every day.  Thankfully, the growth of this website over the last few years and your readership has validated that decision.  AA has set several traffic records over the last year and continues to reach new heights, so we thank all of you for your continued support.

Awful Announcing in 2014 is about much, much more than just awful announcing.  Although we’ll still cover some of that too.

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