It’s 2014 and Weird Al Yankovic is still someone who matters in pop culture.  This is simultaneously one of the most confounding things in modern society and one of the great success stories in entertainment.  The fact that millennials, who do everything they can to completely remove themselves from the traditions of previous generations, still have an appreciation for Weird Al is pretty awesome.  As a Yoder, I’ll automatically always have a soft spot in my heart for Weird Al and Amish Paradise.

Anyways, Weird Al has recently been releasing his latest round of parody songs on every internet platform known to man for his new album Mandatory Fun.  He released a sports parody, simply titled “Sports Song” on Funny or Die and it is pure gold.

While Sports Song is great though, I think Word Crimes is much more valuable to any sports fan who writes or decides to post something on Twitter.

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