Erin Andrews on Fox.

It was one week ago when WEEI radio host Kirk Minihane unleashed a vulgar rant in the direction of Erin Andrews.  Minihane called her a “gutless b*tch” which clearly crossed any line of decency, even for the widening cesspool that is sports talk radio.  The station issued a statement from Minihane apologizing for the comments, although there’s no evidence that Minihane was disciplined or punished for the comments.  His rant followed a separate WEEI talk show who implied Andrews was happy the criminal stalking complaint against her to further her career.

Minihane was back on the air today on the Dennis & Callahan show and the trio addressed the controversy surrounding their discussion about EA.  I know this will shock you, but it didn’t go well.  After offering what sounds like an “I’m sorry but I’m not sorry” apology, Minihane makes a comment that Andrews would be working as a Perkins waitress if she gained 15 pounds.

I will say this – I think she stinks at her job.  I don’t think she’s very smart.  I don’t think she comes across as very smart.  I think Fox only hired her because she’s good looking.  I think if she weighed 15 pounds more, she’d be a waitress at Perkins.  That’s what I believe.

Here’s a pro tip for anyone that communicates with their words for a living, whether in print or verbally…

When you’re apologizing for a venomous attack against a woman, it’s best not to invoke the words “Perkins waitress” to insult her once again.

It’s amazing that women working in this industry still have to work against this double standard.  Nobody would ever imply that if Joe Buck gained weight or his appearance changed, he would be working the cashier desk at Bob Evans.  And yet Andrews and scores of other women in sports media have to deal with this nonsense on a regular basis, whether it be from Kirk Minihane, Damon Bruce, Dan Sileo, or whoever.

That’s not all though.  Playing the victim card against the “PC Police” in this case is sadly predictable, but nonsensical.  Minihane at first tries to own up to his comments, but then the show says that the people who got offended too easily are the real problem.  How does that make sense?

I’ll say this.  The backlash to Tony Dungy and the gleeful rush to call him a bigot for relatively innocuous (if not hypocritical) comments about Michael Sam being a “distraction” was uncalled for without anyone searching for the true context of his statement.  Sports columnists everywhere were more than happy to jump into the gray area and race to their own conclusions from their own pre-conceived notions.  There was and is no gray area here with these comments from WEEI.  Regardless, one day I hope and pray that we can live in a society where both the PC Police and the people who want to blame the PC Police for all the world’s problems aren’t both #*!&ing crazy.

Here’s what really gets me in this clip though – the fact that the hosts try to say that they’re playing a “role” to excuse their behavior.  That somehow Erin Andrews should be in on the joke when someone goes on sports talk radio in one of the largest cities of the United States and calls her a “gutless b*tch.”

Heeeeey, we get to say whatever we want because WE’RE SUPPOSED TO SOUND LIKE MEATHEADS, HAR HAR HAR!  We’re just having fun and if you don’t like that you’re a person who hates fun.

This, of course, is absurdity.  And WEEI, the city of Boston, and rational individuals everywhere should be embarrassed over it.  But then again, given the track record involved at this station, maybe this shouldn’t surprise anyone.

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