Before we begin the 64 person tournament proper, we have to decide who wins the matchups in Round 1.  Just like the NCAA Tournament, we have our final four at-large bids in the 12 seeds, and the famous people we felt like we had to include as 16 seeds.  You can view the entire bracket here, but first these are some juicy, juicy matchups and your votes determine who advances to Round 1!

Who’s Now Region: 16) Skip Bayless vs 16) Tim Tebow


The Monorail Salesman vs The Object of His Affection.  If this was a real life situation, I’m sure Skip Bayless would concede victory to Tim Tebow just to make sure he wins the whole thing.  As bad as First Take is, at least Tebow was pretty good in his television debut during the BCS title game.

Mount Rushmore Region: 12) Taylor Twellman vs 12) Alexi Lalas bhbr Red Head vs Big Head.  Podcast teammates go at it in a matchup featuring ESPN’s lead soccer analyst in the booth (Twellman) versus their lead analyst in the studio (Lalas).  Both are former national team players and you’ll see plenty of both in Brazil during ESPN’s excellent World Cup coverage.  Only one can advance though!

Titletown Region: 16) Colin Cowherd vs 16) Rick Reilly


Two men who are high up the totem pole at ESPN, and two men renowned for generating controversy with their words.  Cowherd does it on the radio while Reilly does it in print… well, at least he will until he retires from his column.  And yes, you have to vote for at least one person to advance in this matchup…

ESPN: The Weekend Region: 12) Stan Verrett vs 12) Neil Everett stanneil The Los Angeles SportsCenter anchors explode!  Neil & Stan (or is it Stan & Neil) are one of the last of the true SportsCenter tandems as they capably handle the late night SportsCenter from the left coast.  But if you only had to pick one as your favorite of the two, which one would it be?

See the entire Bristolology bracket here!

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