The NCAA Tournament just completed their Road to the Final Four with 4 teams winning trips to North Texas… or is it Dallas… Arlington?  Whatever.

The Road to Bristolology’s Final Four begins today.  We’re down to the regional finals with 8 of ESPN’s finest battling to earn the title of the most popular ESPN personality.  3 of our #1 seeds have survived to this point (sorry Chris Berman) while we also have a #2, #3, #8, and #15 seeds still alive.

As always your task is simple, vote for your favorite ESPN personality in each matchup.

Who’s Now Regional Final

1) Bob Ley vs 15) John Buccigross

John Buccigross has seen a tidal wave of support from the hockey fans that actually still watch ESPN into a Cinderella Elite 8 run.  Now he faces the one man who is most synonymous with ESPN in Bob Ley.  Can the OTL host withstand the #BucciOvertimeChallenge?

Mount Rushmore Regional Final

2) Scott Van Pelt vs 8) Tony Kornheiser

Ever since he defeated PTI cohort Mike Wilbon in Round 1, it’s been smooth sailing for the 8th seed Kornheiser.  You can say he’s the Kentucky of this tournament, except for the whole being a young freshman part.  That bald head ain’t fooling anybody.  SVP is also bald (smooth segue achievement unlocked!) and has also seen little in the way of serious challengers on his march to the Elite 8.

Titletown Regional Final

1) Bill Simmons vs 2) Mike Tirico

A true chalk versus chalk matchup that symbolizes what this stage of the tournament is all about.  Simmons scraped past Adam Schefter in a Sweet 16 classic while Tirico kept MNF booth mate Jon Gruden at bay.  Now only one can move on in a matchup that would be worthy of the final.

ESPN: The Weekend Regional Final

1) Chris Fowler vs 3) Jay Bilas

Maybe ESPN did make the right decision in naming Chris Fowler to replace Brent Musburger as their top college football play by play man.  Fowler defeated Musburger in the Sweet 16 round.  Jay Bilas toppled the other contender for that role in Rece Davis, can he make it 2 for 2 in defeating ESPN’s beloved college football hosts?

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