Dodger baseball may be a little different in 2015. Vin Scully is planning on scaling back his schedule of games next year by as much as 25%.

The 86-year old currently only travels to road games in California and Arizona, but plans on abandoning all road trips next season with the exception of Anaheim – at least in the beginning of the season. Scully is willing to be flexible and would travel to games in Arizona, San Diego, and San Francisco later in the year if the Dodgers are in contention, which you’d expect them to be.

So while we’re going to get less Scully early on, we’ll probably be in line for our normal fill of him as the calendar starts to move into the season’s later months. Hopefully we only miss him for nine or ten games early in the year, and the Dodgers don’t have a schedule that features multiple road trips to those NL West clubs that he’ll be cutting back on.

There’s also a bit of good news for this season – Scully plans on traveling to every Dodgers playoff game this year, no matter where they are, to call the game on the radio for the Dodgers. Currently, the Dodgers would begin the Postseason at home against the Cardinals in the NL Division Series, but that could easily change on a whim. If they make it to the World Series, it would be a treat for Fox to somehow have him involved with one of the broadcasts. Make it happen.

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