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A couple weeks ago on ESPN’s news magazine program E:60, reporter Jeremy Schaap filed an incredible piece of journalism.  The veteran reporter traveled to Qatar to investigate the mistreatment and deaths of migrant workers who are building Qatar’s stadiums for the 2022 World Cup.  Of course, that’s if they get to host it after the latest round of allegations concerning the bribery scandal that has been a cloud over the tournament that won’t kick off for another eight years.

Thankfully, ESPN has finally made the entire segment available online so if you missed it on television, you can watch Schaap’s excellent story.

Forget the millions of dollars changing hands under the table for the moment because this is about much more than who hosts the World Cup.  This is a human rights scandal that is taking place in Qatar.  That’s what Schapp and others are working hard to bring to light. Although it’s just one segment on one sports show, the images and the stories of those that were featured should haunt everyone involved with the 2022 World Cup. As more eyes are turned towards Qatar and their World Cup bid, hopefully these human rights stories will be given their rightful due as this goes way beyond a soccer tournament.

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