Live television is just the best.  In the home of the Timbers, Portland, Oregon, KGW dropped in on reporter Drew Carney doing a live stand-up from a World Cup beer garden.  Because who in their right mind wouldn’t want to be watching the World Cup at a beer garden in Portland?

The news program joined Carney at precisely the time John Brooks scored the USA’s game winner against Ghana.  Carney was interviewing the local lad responsible for the idea when the crowd gathered erupted all around him.

The ABSOLUTE best part of this video though is Carney stripping off his jacket to reveal what appears to be a USA cycling shirt.  It’s like he just knew he was going to be live on the air when something amazing happened and he wanted to show off his pride in his country and tight fitting clothes.

Great local news moment of the millennium or GREATEST local news moment of the millennium – you decide.


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