We’ve had a Seinfeld-themed nightly news sports segment, and a rap one, and one in which former Louisville sports anchor Adam Lefkoe dropped the names of 31 wrestlers. These viral sensations helped Lefkoe leave his post in Louisville and move on up to making videos with Bleacher Report.

In a change of pace, with much more content to cover, Rockford, Ill. WREX sports anchor Dan Cohen somehow made Game of Thrones references fit highlights of Chicago and Wisconsin sports. While not overflowing with references like Lefkoe’s Seinfeld or wrestlers, subtle lines like “and he’s going to take what is his with fire and force,” and “Any man who says ‘I am the king’ is no true king,” and mentioning a few Cubs players with “House” before their name should be commended.


My next challenge for Cohen: A True Detective sportscast delivered in a rambling, ethereal Rust Cohle monologue.

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