We had a bit of history during yesterday’s France-Honduras game at the World Cup – the debut of goal line technology.  And naturally, it was bound to confuse somebody.

That somebody was Jonathan Pearce of the BBC.  As the video replay was showing the 3rd French goal, he shouted that it was a no-goal midway through the replay when the ball was bouncing off the post.  Of course, that wasn’t the end of the review.  Then, when the ball had crossed the line, he hilariously said “oh goodness me, they’ve changed their minds!”

At least the AMERICAN COMMENTATORS (who… errr… also happen to be mostly British) got it right.  Later in the game, Pearce also called a shot into the side netting as a goal for France:

The BBC isn’t quite earning the plaudits that ESPN is for their World Cup coverage, now we know part of the reason why.

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