Last year we chronicled the amazing feud between Keith Olbermann and Mike Francesa that captivated the nation, orrr something like that.  It’s not too often you have two of the strongest-headed sports personalities go head to head like that over a prolonged period of time, but the pair of titans clashed on their respective TV and radio programs.

As feisty as Olbermann is, it was only a matter of time before he moved on to his next feud.  (Eat your heart out, Richard Deitsch.)  And this time, it just so happens to be Mike Francesa’s former partner – Chris “Mad Dog” Russo – that engaged Olbermann in a social media scrap.

In one corner is the maniacal host of MLB Network’s High Heat and Mad Dog Radio, a man known across the world for being able to rant for 3 minutes on end without taking a breath.  In the other corner is the host of his eponymous ESPN2 show who enjoys arguing with people on Twitter for sport.  Get your popcorn ready, here we go…

It started with, what else, a debate about the Redskins nickname…

Russo, the thinking man that he is, wanted to take the debate onto his SiriusXM radio show to draw in listeners.  He’s smarter than he looks, folks!

Olbermann was not having it and that started a fantastic argument for the world to see about the semantics of not doing radio versus not appearing on radio and sniping straight from the script of Mean Girls.  If only the real Mike Francesa had a Twittah page to join in the fun…

The thing about Chris Russo is that he’s tenacious.  I guess he has that Mad Dog nickname for a reason.  (It all makes sense now!)  Olbermann encountered in the Dog a much different opponent than Mike Francesa.  While the pope preferred to stay above the fray and put off the air that Olbermann was not worth his time, Russo continually stayed after him with one jab after another.  The constant invites onto his radio show must have felt like an annoying gnat that wouldn’t die for Olbermann.

This time, the glove was on the other hand for Olby as he tried to big-time Russo just like his former radio partner did to him.  I’m still trying to figure out the difference between “I don’t do radio” and “I don’t appear radio” but perhaps those were just camouflaging tactics to throw Russo off his game and mess with him.  If so, bonus points to Olby.

It’s difficult to come up with a decision as to who the clear winner was in a fight that doesn’t quite have a clear conclusion, but rather an open invitation to appear on a radio program.  (Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen, by the way.)  If we’re going to the judges scorecard, Olbermann landed the more direct shots making fun of Russo’s listeners and boisterous style.  That and the semantical subterfuge gives him the narrowest of victories.  Your winner: Keith Olbermann by split decision.

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