We’ve all made jokes in the past about how ESPN will end up emulating the film Dodgeball and launch ESPN 8: The Ocho. Their Canadian counterparts apparently saw it as a challenge. They won’t quite make it to The Ocho, but they’ll come pretty close.

Monday morning, TSN launched TSN 3, TSN 4 and TSN 5. That’s right, there are now five homes for Canada’s sports leader. What did they launch with? Mostly extra live feeds of the televisable U.S. Open courts.

The reason TSN’s 3-5 largely exist, like much of Canada’s broadcasting situations, is hockey. TSN 3 will be the home of regional broadcasts of Winnipeg Jets games. TSN 4 will carry the Toronto Maple Leafs. TSN 5 will be the place to catch Ottawa Senators broadcasts. The only team left unscheduled by TSN is their slate of Montreal Canadiens telecasts, but it appears they won’t have to invent another TSN for it.

The networks will also lean heavily on soccer, as TSN owns the rights to MLS, Champions League and some of the Premier League. They also promise original programming on many of these networks. All in all, looking forward to Jay and Dan returning to Canada and setting up shop on The Quattro!

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