On this week’s episode of Tosh.0, comedian Daniel Tosh destroyed ESPN, accusing the network of stealing his Web Redemption idea.  ESPN gave anthem singer Mark Donnelly, famous for tripping over carpet while singing O Canada at an NHL game earlier this year, a second chance (redemption if you will) at maintaining his balance and achieving success.  That didn’t go unnoticed by Tosh.

So to exact revenge, Tosh stole one of ESPN’s bits – Sport Science.  And in Tosh’s Sport Science segment, he ripped ESPN limb from limb like a hungry lion feasting on a dead wildebeest.  Among Tosh’s targets: ESPN suspending Bill Simmons, their obsession with LeBron James and Johnny Manziel, SEC bias, Chris Berman, unfunny SportsCenter anchors, ineloquent ex-jocks, being literally up Roger Goodell’s hind quarters, and profiting off college football players who can’t make a dime.  Tosh ends by taking the theme of ESPN criticism to an entirely new level.

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With respect to Bristol, it’s actually been a while since anyone notable accused ESPN stealing their stuff.  Progress?  Maybe?

Now if we could only get Tosh to appear on First Take, maybe he could destroy it from within like Jon Stewart did to Crossfire.

I guess the lesson is that a billion dollar network shouldn’t be infringing upon successful segments from other popular cable television shows.  They just might notice.

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