CBS and Turner were having issues finding commentators for their alternate feed broadcasts during the Final Four on TNT and truTV. Well, they finally released the talent list on Tuesday, and the listed play-by-play man for the Kentucky feed was Rob Bromley, a local sportscaster. There’s one interesting dynamic with that – Bromley hasn’t done play-by-play in five years.

Seriously. Bromley is the sports anchor for Lexington’s CBS affiliate, and while he has called football and basketball in the past, he hasn’t broadcast a hoops game in five years. Furthermore, he’s never worked with Rex Chapman, his broadcast partner for the game.

I know there were difficulties in finding announcers to fill these spots, especially after the blockade that Learfield Sports put up, but having to settle for a local anchor that hasn’t worked an actual game in years? And pairing him with an analyst he’s never worked with before? It shows that these Turner teamcasts are more of a risk from a broadcast perspective than we may have first envisioned.

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