Fantasy sports junkies will be thrilled at this news: the world's first fantasy sports TV network is launching on March 4th. 

No providers have been announced (of course), but the Fantasy Sports Network will offer live studio programming, panels, and drafts conducted by experts and celebrities. The network is being backed by Anthem Media Group, which owns Roto Experts and SportsGrid.  Online and mobile video platforms are also planned.

While fantasy sports is a multi-billion dollar industry, I really have no idea how this network is going to generate enough content to fill 12 hours a day, let alone more. What do you do in the spring and summer when the only game in town is baseball? Are they planning on dedicating hours a day towards setting daily baseball lineups? I love the sport, but my god would that be tedious.

I think this will be an interesting venture, but one that winds up better suited towards an online presence as opposed to a full-blown TV network. ESPN and NFL Network have had success with fantasy football shows, but they only dedicate a few hours per week to it as opposed to all day, every day. There's only so much that you can talk about.


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