July means plenty of ample, empty time for sports networks to fill when it comes to talking about the NFL.  Fox Sports Live is taking the occasion to rank every NFL team from 32-1.  Well, someone has to be ranked #32, and that someone is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Apparently the good people at Fox aren’t big believers in Lovie Smith and Josh McCown.

Well, the Buccaneers actually got wind of this ranking and didn’t take too kindly to it, firing this delightful shot across the bow back at Fox Sports Live.

Ouch.  FS1’s flagship program tried to smooth things over, but the damage was done…

This is a new era of feisty social media departments who will actually fight back against disses from the sports media world.  I love what the Bucs did, here.  Why should they just sit there and take being called the worst team in the league?  It’s not like they’re the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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