The Los Angeles Kings have the best Twitter account in sports for several reasons.  The Kings Twitter actually uses humor for starters and interacts with fans on a level that goes beyond “bland customer service outlet.”  Most importantly, followers can relate to @LAKings because it’s clear an actual person is behind the account with a real personality instead of a robotic RSS feed out of the team’s soulless PR department.

Now other teams are catching on to the good that can be done when your franchise is represented by a dynamic social media account.

The Kings and Chicago Blackhawks are squaring off in the Western Conference Finals and during Game 1 the two teams’ Twitter accounts came alive and had this spectacular exchange.  It may be the template for how teams should talk trash on Twitter going forward…

Here’s all that’s great about this…

1) Video game cheat code references.
2) Specifically, the Konami code.
3) It’s for charity.
4) There’s pizza involved.
5) The bet has led to debating Chicago style pizza versus California pizza, ensuring that this series is now in fact, a rivalry.

I’m not really a deep dish pizza kind of guy, but then again alfalfa sprouts as a pizza topping scares me.  So I think I’ll be pulling for the New York Rangers in this one.

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