If the people of San Antonio want to get back at Charles Barkley for his jokes about their city, all they have to do is make fun of his wretched golf swing.  Sir Charles may have won our Entertainer of the Year Award at AA and be considered the top studio analyst in sports.  However, he’s just as bad as the golf course as he is good on television.  Check that, he’s much worse.

Barkley’s infamous stuttering swing is so offensive to the senses that the video should be banned in most countries.  To think that a Hall of Fame level athlete could produce something so athletically awful is truly one of the wonders of the modern world.  A new video emerged yesterday of Barkley’s swing and it’s still one of the ugliest pieces of hand-eye coordination capable by upright bipeds…

Seeing as how this is such a golden opportunity to get back at the Chuckster, here’s some more video evidence of the worst golf swing in recorded history.  San Antonioans, (San Antonioites?) feel free to use any of this in your future battles with Barkley…

That’s wayyyyyyy more hideous than anything San Antonio has ever produced.  How does he not injure himself doing that?  Barkley’s golf swing has a bigger hitch than Aaron Craft’s jump shot!  *rimshot*

It’s just amazing that people feel safe watching Barkley play golf without any kind of protective headgear.  Just keep in mind that Charles Barkley had one of the great teachers in the game of golf, Hank Haney, attempt to fix his swing in a national television series.  And he couldn’t do it.  Maybe Sir Charles can drown his sorrows about his golf game with some extra churros.

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