Donald Sterling appeared on CNN last night for an exclusive on-camera interview with Anderson Cooper to begin a Hail Mary attempt at a public apology tour.

This was a terrible, terrible idea.

Sterling, well aware of his being recorded on national television (I assume), let loose to Cooper with unbelievable, jaw-dropping, offensive statements once again.  Seriously, whoever in Sterling’s camp set up this interview and thought it was a good idea must be sabotaging what is left of his empire from the inside.  It’s clear that Donald Sterling is his own worst enemy at this point and should not under any circumstances be speaking out publicly.

The Clippers owner pretty much neglected to check any box on the Donald Sterling Image Rehabilitation Checklist and went on tangent after tangent, approaching Cartoony Supervillain status.  I only wish CNN had an iso cam on Sterling’s PR representatives off screen when he began denigrating Magic Johnson for being HIV-positive.

Were it not for the whole alien/black hole/time travelers thing with the Malaysia Airlines flight, I’d call this the most confounding thing CNN has televised this year.  Have a gander at these quotes from Donald Sterling…









Instead of asking for forgiveness and attempting to right the wrongs that were committed, Donald Sterling took the shovel and just kept digging.

Actually, I take that back.  Donald Sterling took the shovel and did this with it…

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