With the first year anniversary of Fox Sports 1 approaching on Sunday, this week is FS1 Week at Awful Announcing.  Over the course of the week, we’ll analyze the highs and lows of the first twelve months at “the one for fun” and what is in the network’s future.

Although the network’s motto has come under some questioning, there have been plenty of moments that showed FS1’s lighter side that are worth highlighting.  Here are 10 of those moments that prove FS1 is really working hard to be the sports network you want to have beer and nachos with.


We start with Gary Payton reading highlights, which is about as much fun as you can have when watching a sports show.  Just tell him we’re all laughing with him.


9) Movember

Canadian anchor duo Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole are committed to Movember like none other.  These mustaches belong in the North American Sportscasters Hall of Fame… if you’re into preserving men’s facial hair and that kind of thing…


8) Manny Pacquiao has a pillow fight with Miss USA

This one’s pretty self-explanatory.  It’s equal parts fun, awkward, random, and extremely weird.

7) Ronda Rousey Ice Bucket Challenge

The movement has been sweeping the nation to raise money for ALS awareness and Fox Sports 1 got one of the biggest stars in sports, Ronda Rousey, to take part.


6) The CGW spelling contest 

Crowd Goes Wild was a bit of a hot mess, but it was the one show on Fox Sports 1 that lived up to the network’s mantra as “The One for Fun” as this clip indicates.  At least before it got cancelled.  That wasn’t such fun.  Also, I miss Georgie Thompson and her delightful British accent.

5) Fox Sports 1 Onrait

An ESPN executive scoffed that nobody was naming their children “Fox Sports One” like the disturbed individuals that name their children “ESPN.”  Jay Onrait begged to differ…


4) Mike Francesa rips the Knicks

While we could have selected a number of prank callers who have continued to terrorize the pope after his highly-publicized move from YES to FS1, we went with this classic rant on the laughing stock that is the New York Knickerbockers.

3) The No-Access Sochi Tour

Jay & Dan travelled to Sochi for the Winter Olympics, but as a non-rightsholder, this is the best they could do.  Also doubles as the Hastily Made Sochi Tourism Video.


And a bonus for the blooper reel…


2) WATCH IT!!!!

I suppose heading into Year 2, Fox Sports 1 will be hoping more people WATCH IT!!!!  (See what I did there?)

1) Katie Nolan eviscerates Rick Reilly

If there was one moment that got a standing ovation from the sports world in Fox Sports 1’s first year, it was Katie Nolan standing up for co-worker Regis Philbin and annihilating Rick Reilly.

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