If you were asleep, or even worse have DirecTV, you missed quite the finish in tonight’s Cal vs. Arizona game.

Cal led 31-13 heading into the 4th quarter. An 18 point lead is never a sure thing, but Cal actually added 2 more touchdowns to bring their point total to 45 points. It wasn’t enough though as Arizona scored 36 points (5 touchdowns (two without XP) and a field goal) to win 45-49 in this miraculous last second hail mary touchdown.  All in all 7 touchdowns and a field goal in the 4th quarter equates to a team scoring every 2 minutes which is mind boggling which culminated in this….

Pac 12 Network Call-

Arizona Radio Call-

If you find the Cal call, please send it over as we’d love to hear Joe Starkey’s call of quite a painful last play. If you thought it couldn’t get worse for Cal fans apparently their athletic department assumed the game was won and emailed a mailing list hoping to drum up some new apparel sales celebrating Cal’s 3-0 start.

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