We generally don’t dive too deep into the world of talk radio because quite frankly, it’s hazardous to our health. But in this situation, we felt like we had to make an exception.

On Monday’s episode of Ellen, Phillies second baseman Chase Utley surprised a fan named Julie Kramer, who is fighting a battle with cancer. The segment was absolutely heartwarming, and could put a smile on anyone’s face.


Well… almost anyone’s face.

Enter Chris Stigall, a talk radio host on WPHT AM 1210 in Philadelphia. For what it’s worth, 1210 is the flagship station of the Phillies.

The segment came up in conversation, and instead of taking the moment for what it is, Stigall decided that the best thing he could do was stop all over the good vibes generated by the moment and crap all over it. Take a listen. (H/T @FanSince09)

“You know Chase Utley’s not going to be around to take the cancer patient to the games. It’s a nice invite, but he won’t even be there.”
“Alright, but let me end with this…”
“Plus, it’s probably terminal what that woman has. You think she’s going to live through an entire season?”

Then we get some awkward silence and posturing from the other hosts before they move on.

Talk about a buzzkill. We can’t even enjoy this woman who has been through so much over the last nine months getting a welcome surprise before someone has to chime in and say she’s not going to live through the entire season?

What an absolute kick in the teeth. But hey, when your job requires you to give piping hot takes, I guess you need to go for broke whenever possible.

UPDATE: Stigall is claiming the quote was taken out of context in an apology. Here’s the entire segment, with commercials.


You be the judge.

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