We’ve written about it more than once this season, but it bears repeating: does anyone want to play a competitive primetime football game at any point this season? CBS/NFL Net’s Thursday Night Football initially got a lot of the heat, but as we’ve discovered, NBC’s Sunday Night Football has been just as prone to this problem. Following the Packers’ insane drubbing of the Bears last Sunday, that’s now eight SNF games decided by three scores or more. The average margin of victory is hovering around 20 points per game.

Does NBC care? Honestly, probably not, given the numbers. The network is down just a measly two percent from its numbers at this same point during the 2013 season. So far, NBC’s NFL telecasts have averaged a 12.4 rating and 21.1 million viewers, down just two percent in both. Depending on how The Big Bang Theory does, there’s every chance Sunday Night Football ends again as the number one program in primetime for the 2014-15 TV season.

See, even the huge blowouts aren’t a problem for NBC: Giants/Eagles remains their least-watched game of the season, at a paltry 18.09 million viewers. That Bears/Packers drubbing on Sunday drew 18.13 million.

So, another NFL season that merely proves the NFL’s power. All these potentially disenfranchising scandals, and a season where the league couldn’t be less entertaining in its major broadcast windows. Yet, everyone’s still tuning in.

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